We are embarking on the largest redevelopment project the PNG health sector has ever seen.

Under the Joint Understanding the Australian Government has committed to fund 50% of the redevelopment of Lae ANGAU Hospital and contribute to the costs of senior management personnel.

A Master Plan for the Lae ANGAU Hospital was finalised in June 2015. Following completion of the Master Plan, Australia commenced the first phase of redevelopment works at ANGAU valued in excess of K25 million. This includes preparatory works such as designs of longer term infrastructure such as in-ground services, site survey and clearance, the construction of a new fully equipped operating theatre and ward and a stand-alone dental clinic. Australia has also procured essential medical supplies and consumables to support immediate improvements in the quality of care at ANGAU..

In addition, approximately K25 million in work to upgrade the Lae School of Nursing has commenced to ensure adequate staffing for the expanded facilities at ANGAU. It is anticipated this will be completed in time for the 2017 academic year.

The Australian Government will also support upgrades to five key primary health care facilities in Morobe Province. The facilities are Bulolo Health Centre, Wau Health Centre, Etep Rural Hospital, Mutzing Health Centre and Braun Memorial Hospital. Australian funding will facilitate building upgrades, maintenance and the procurement of equipment at these district facilities as well as the establishment of referral pathways between these facilities and ANGAU. This will directly support the redevelopment of ANGAU by enabling an increased number of patients to receive quality medical care in their district.

To support the day to day operations at ANGAU a new CEO was appointed in July 2015. A site coordinator has also been engaged to oversee construction works on site and support ANGAU facilities staff in implementing their own maintenance and rehabilitation activities. This will support an enhanced facilities management capacity at ANGAU which will be critical to maintaining the quality of facilities as progressive upgrades of infrastructure at ANGAU continue.

Phase 2 of the redevelopment will commence in early 2017.

Updates on the Joint Understanding between the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea can be found on the Australian High Commission (Papua New Guinea) website.