We are embarking on the largest redevelopment project the PNG health sector has ever seen.

REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT - The Joint Understanding (JU) was signed by Prime Minister O’Neill and former Prime Minister Rudd on 19 July 2013. Under the JU, Australia committed $207 million of assistance to fund 50%...read more

PORTABLE THEATRE - ANGAU Hospital completed the building of its Portable Operating Theatre with a 20-bed ward. The new self-contained operating suite portable building pod contains an operating theatre...read more

DENTAL CLINIC - ANGAU Hospital recently acquired its new Dental Clinic, as part of the first phase of the redevelopment at ANGAU...read more

HOUSING PROJECT - ANGAU Hospital is in the process of rebuilding its Northern housing compound. The demolition of the old building has taken place including the removal of asbestos. The management is working...read more