ANGAU Hospital completed the building of a new operating theatre with a 20-bed ward.

The new suite contains an operating theatre, intensive care unit space, two recovery stations, Central Stock and Sterilizing Department (CSSD), and a staff room. Also included in the new facility is a 20-bed ward to support the new operating theatre. The ward is fully fitted out with patient beds, bedside tables, visitor chairs, patient toilet and shower facilities as well as amenities for staff. Both new buildings are fully air conditioned, have energy efficient lighting, are fire protected and are connected to ANGAU Hospital’s centralised medical gas system.

The hospital registers an estimated 900 births per month and the new facilities has been allocated to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology unit to cater for caesareans and other maternal services, ensuring that women and children receive the care possible.

The new facilities were funded by the Australian Government under the Joint Understanding.