As a care provider, a nurse ensures the continuity of care from the moment a patient enters the hospital to the time they are discharged home.

Nursing service is aimed at satisfying the nursing needs of the patients/community as well as managing nurses within the hospital. The structure consists of the Director Nursing Services and two deputy directors that look after the administration and the clinical functions.

The administrative function covers the welfare of nurses and requires the deputy administrator nursing to liaise with the Corporate Services regarding nurses finances, recreational leaves, high duty allowances, and also to supervise nursing coordinators in charge of:

  • Policy making
  • Training
  • Nursing standards
  • Research and
  • Health education

The deputy director clinical core function looks after the running of the wards and involves monitoring nurse managers, uphold standard of nursing care, external relations and teaching nurses.

The clinical unit are divided into four areas and they are:

  • Operating Theatre, Central Stock & Sterilizing Department, Surgical, Orthopaedic, Consultation Clinic, Ophthalmology & Eye Day Surgery, Intensive Care Unit
  • Paediatric Referral Clinic, Neonatal, Paediatrics, Blood Bank
  • Medical, Psychiatric, TB, TB DOTS, Physiotherapy, HIV/AIDS Services, Family Support Services, Accidents & Emergency
  • Radiotherapy, Oncology, Antenatal, Delivery, Post Natal, Gynaecology, Women’s Health

Shift Coordinator also report to the deputy director for clinical nursing to coordinate work flow.