World Malaria Day

The prevention and prevalence of Malaria is the responsibility of each and every individual.

The 2017 World Malaria Day themed End Malaria for Good was commemorated at ANGAU Hospital with people being encouraged to be more responsible about their health.

The effort has slashed the incidence of malaria in PNG since 2004, from 400 cases per 100 000 population to 200 according to World Health Organization and Rotarians Against Malaria.

Between 2009 and 2015, the incidence of malaria admissions to public health facilities dropped by 83%, and malaria death rates in health facilities fell by 76%.

ANGAU Hospital continues to receive daily malaria cases due to the geographical and weather conditions of the province with lowland areas that mosquitoes thrives in.

ANGAU Hospital CEO Dr Christopher Kenyhercz appealed to patients, staff and the general public to practice prevalent measures to avoid contracting malaria by using bed nets and other means that are available.

“Bednets are not the only interventions credited for the advances; surveillance, diagnosis and treatment also play roles in prevention.”

Health workers are currently using the Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) kit to test for malaria. However, with the high number of cases presenting to the out-patients, it take longer to serve everyone.

Most urban clinics are also provide malaria testing and treatment to patients however some cases are referred to ANGAU for further analysis and/or admission for serious cases.

In an effort to encourage the early detection of malaria ANGAU Hospital staff provided free malaria testing for the general public to ensure the early detection and diagnosis of malaria during the day as part of the commemoration event.