ANGAU gets K4.3 mill worth of medical equipment

A total of 247 medical equipment were delivered to ANGAU Hospital with a few more pending deliveries to be done around mid-November as part of the National Fisheries Authority contribution to health care in the country.

This major donation of over K4.3 million from the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) was through the initiative of Late Dr Songli Soctine requesting funding for essential medical equipment for the hospital’s daily operations.

The National Fisheries Authority through its agent Medical Diagnostic and Distributors started the procurement process in 2016 and have now delivered the first phase of the equipment and training to staff.

ANGAU’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Christopher Kenyhercz and Acting Medical Director Dr Ruso Peroni received the new equipment from the Managing Director of Medical Diagnostic and Distributors Mr. Gunua Namba Kamonai.

Dr Kenyhercz mentioned that even though it took a while with all the technical issues, the equipment are on the ground to improve patient care. 

The medical equipment included a digital mammogram, anaesthetic machines, mechanical ventilators and other smaller equipment like beds and trolleys.

The first phase of the delivery was done on Friday, 13th October, 2017 with 247 items delivered after they were tested and certified for medical and clinical applications by the biomedical officer on the ground, Mr Bannah Essai.  

 “We are pleased to have the audience of 26 medical and nursing staff members who participated in the training as users of the medical equipment because once they are fully installed and operational, staff can use them straight away,” Mr. Kamonai said.

Another sixteen items pending are the CT Scan machine, mammogram unit and a few ventilators that still needs a few things to be done before the second phase of the training and delivery can be conducted,” Mr Kamonai said.

The medical equipment will be distributed to the different units of the hospital like the Emergency Department, ICU, operating theatre, medical wards among others.

Biomedical Officer Mr Bannah Essai said these are brand new equipment donated to the hospital and he would like to see all staff are trained on usage of the equipment for both technical and clinical applications before final commissioning by the National Fisheries Authority.