World Vision give incentives to TB patients

Patients and guardians of those with Tuberculosis (TB) should be encouraged and given incentives to complete their doses and be faithful in taking medication.

World Vision and the Morobe Provincial Health Administration under its TB/Leprosy Unit along with ANGAU Memorial General Hospital are at the forefront of fighting this deadly disease by providing incentives to the patients to ensure they complete their doses as per scheduled by giving them shopping vouchers.

The vouchers ranging from K50 to K100 are given to patients who are faithful with their medication and also to the guardians who encourage and ensure the patients take their medication.

Karen Yamani, Morobe Provincial TB and Leprosy Coordinator, said these initiatives were initiated by the Provincial TB and Leprosy Unit along with World Vision to encourage patients to be faithful in taking their medication.

Sister Heu Toporo, Pragmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB (PMDT) Coordinator World Vision, said many patients lost their battle with TB because they became complacent after being cured and did not continue with their medication for the remaining months. "Because of their ignorance and failure to adhere to instructions, these initiatives are aimed at curtailing these practices and to ensure the change in patients mind-sets," she said.