Nurses donate to patients

Nurses from the Infection control Unit at Angau Hospital are at the fore front of preventing preventable diseases that are affecting the community and population today.

The nurses donated spittle cups and face towels to eight wards on Friday and delivered a strong message of personal hygiene and care to the patients whom they visited.

Group leader Sister Betty Mundua said many diseases such as TB where prevalent if people looked after themselves and correctly disposed of their waste and rubbish in proper areas instead of unwisely spreading it thus contaminating others.

Sister Mundua said these initiative by the Infection control Unit was ongoing and they’re message was for patients and guardians to be aware and thus be mindful and prevent diseases from spreading as prevention is better than cure.

The Unit has been working very hard to educate and decimate information and awareness in the hospital to patients, however sister Mundua said the biggest problems faced was the ignorance and lazy attitude of people that saw them contract many preventable diseases.

Eight wards were visited in which patients and guardians were given the cups and towels for their use.

Pictured are the Nurses handing out the items to patients.