Papua New Guinea National Cancer Centre

The Papua New Guinea National Cancer Center, (PNGNCC), is now under the auspices of ANGAU Memorial General Hospital.

The PNGNCC is the only specialist cancer treatment facility in PNG. We meet the stringent safety standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA), the PNG Medical Board, and the PNG Health and Safety Act.

The key to success of curing cancer is early diagnosis and treatment. We must embark on a campaign to better educate our people with the knowledge to assist in early disease identification, which leads to successful outcomes.

ANGAU MGH will be adding a new CT Scanner and Mammography Unit to aid in the early diagnosis and treatment planning through a generous grant from the National Fisheries Authority.

The treatment regimens we offer at ANGAU MGH consist of: Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Surgical Intervention, and any combination of the aforementioned.

Only working together can we have improved results in the fight against cancer.